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Stop At Nothing
Nike asked us to create a campaign to encourage young women in Italy to keep playing sport through their late teenage years and into early adulthood.

But in a country where patriarchy and conservatism still reign, we realized these girls were on their own, without support from their families, peers and society, most didn’t see a future in sports. 

So rather than just a campaign we created a movement, working with paraolympic fencer Bebe Vio and a cast of super-athletes in Italy.

They not only starred the campaign but also taught classes, workshops, and served as role models for the next generation of athletes, showing them that there is hope if you Stop At Nothing.

Nike Italy - Stop At Nothing (Nulla Puo Fermarci) - W+K London from Wieden + Kennedy London on Vimeo.

We dropped our epic manifesto film directed by Georgia Hudson. The film got more than 3.5 million hits in a week,
being featured in Vogue magazine, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and other Italian publications. 

We then followed wtih a series of unapologetic, bold and striking billboards spread around Milan and Rome.

Oh yeah, and we did a GIF digital poster, cause GIFs are cool and teenagers like it.

We’ve also developed a series of swipe up assets to point people to our film and classes and workshops led by our hero athletes.