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Sainsbury’s /
Every Bit of Christmas 
Christmas ads in the UK follow a trend to outdo each other every year with big, epic and sometimes soppy stories. We took a step away from that and created a charming spot that instead captured the joy of every moment around Christmas, the big bits, the odd bits, the tasty bits, that together, make Christmas the most ‘Living Well’ time of the year.

We squeezed every bit of Christmas into a catchy song  celebrating the silly bits, the annoying bits, the tasty bits, the snoozy bits, the exciting bits, the cheesy and even the embarrassing bits of Christmas. 
British comedian Doc. Brown wrote the song and French duo We Are From LA direct the ad, featuring real people across Britain and favourite Christmas cameos like Kermit the Frog and Ricky Royle.

We also did lots of cutdowns featuring different characters from up and down the country singing our song, and even a howling dog and Kermit the Frog.

The ninety second ad aired on X-Factor 2017 and accumulated 5 million YouTube views in less than a week. The 360º campaign featured 25 different cutdowns, print, shopping bags and billboards across the UK. Oh yeah, and a customized Brussels Sprout emoji. Classic.

Sainsbury's Every Bit of Christmas from Mico on Vimeo.

Every Bit of Christmas - Welsh Sisters from Mico on Vimeo.

Every Bit of Christmas - Brussels Sprout from Mico on Vimeo.

Every Bit of Christmas - Moon from Mico on Vimeo.