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Inspired by a True Photo 
Samsung came to Mother asking for a campaign for its camera mobile phones, targeting a younger audience averse to Samsung phones.

We couldn’t compete with iPhone head to head, so instead of focusing on specs and megapixels, we created a storytelling platform called Inspired by A True Photo, using real consumers photos as the spark of every idea in the campaign.
First we’ve gave a photo of a humble bag of onions by @scottanders44 to director Samm Hibbard, who directed a charming love story.

In the next chapter we collaborated with London musician Samm Henshaw, who got inspired by @black_hawk_7 photo of his dog and wrote the feel good song of the Summer “All Good” raking almost 3 million plays on Spotify in just a few weeks. All Inspired by True Photos.

Samsung | 'Inspired by a true photo - Onions' from P&S on Vimeo.

Poster design by Tracy Ma

Samm Henshaw // Samsung // It's All Good from MicoToledo on Vimeo.