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Stella Artois /
The Black Diamond 
Stella Artois Black challenged us to come up with a non-traditional way of impacting their discerning drinkers that didn’t include traditional media and could earn lots of PR.

So we came up with The Black Diamond.  A sell out immersive theatre show written in partnership with pioneer theatre company Punch Drunk.

The immersive show ran for two months in the summer of 2011 in London and told the story of a cursed stolen diamond and a romantic pursue. 
The play was essentially a film that happened in real life, with scenes unfolding across several locations in East London, as the audience followed the jewel’s journey.

People could join the show in real life or follow  simultaneously online at a dedicated interactive website that told another side of the story.

The Black Diamond quickly became a sell-out show being featured in Time Out London and Le Book and helped consolidate Stella Artois Black as a key player within specialty beers in Britain.

The Black Diamond Video Case from Mico on Vimeo.

The Black Diamond Trailer from Mico on Vimeo.

We were featured in many publications, including Guardian, TimeOut London and Fast Company.