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Psychic Tees 
For Christmas 2011, Mother launched Mother's Psychic Tees. One hundred blank T-shirts were given to Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Clare, who had previously read for Scotland Yard, the LAPD, movie stars and the Mafia and now applied her extraordinary talents to predict the destiny of each future T-shirt wearer. 

The prediction was then printed onto the T-shirt and blindly chosen via a number by the customer.
The Psychic Tees was an unprecedented success. It was featured across the biggest blogs and sites on the web, Daily Candy, Nylon, It’s Nice That, Dazed & Confused, Another, Design Week, etc. The Urban Outfitters blog called it ‘the coolest idea for T-shirts ever.’ 

All 100 T-shirts were sold with proceeds going to charity. As correctly predicted by a T-shirt, the project was a real success.

   Mother Psychic T-shirts from Mother on Vimeo.